My Idols

I don’t dream at night. I dream all day. I dream for a living. – Steven Spielberg

My Idols


!Christopher Nolan saysBoth have equally ignited creative hunger inside me…always! Both are genius, trend setters, game changers, utter creative minds and so on…the list goes on…

I am their fan and obliged for indirectly teaching me what I know and what my passion is – Cinema!


2 thoughts on “My Idols

    • Well I admire Nolan’s style of writing the most and then Coppola. Nolan has unique structures in his screenplays, which I am trying to analyze and learn from it. But over all, I believe these 4 Filmmakers follow one routine after every Film – Learn-Unlearn-Relearn, and I follow that too. So I look up to Nolan’s films every time I want to learn something.
      Of course there are other many Screenwriters I like. Their work definitely influences me. But my favorites are these Filmmakers-Writers.


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