WritingMost of the time, what we Screenwriters write on the blog…we write about the very thing we are working on, screenwriting, and how the things are shaping up in the script, the setup, the characters, the events, the twists, and so on…..

It’s the documenting the things we are doing on a Web Log…a Blog…Screenwriters like me face a crucial problem there.

Almost always, SCREENWRITING TAKES A LONG TIME…A REAL LONG TIME..! While you work on a Script, you are so engrossed in it, that you don’t want to make notes, the obvious notes, on your blog. You don’t want to write – ‘so I’ve got one character who was meant to do something, but now I see that that would be wrong and now I’ve got him doing something else, with someone else.’ I mean what’s that…What kind of stupid documenting would that be? It’s ridiculous and I am not the person who would be happy to read such blog again with a smile. I would feel stupid and insane.

Screenwriting does go through such stages and you don’t want to put that on your blog every time. Otherwise, your friends might call you up saying ‘just stop blogging…you are writing same thing again and again, that your character is now doing other thing which wasn’t previously planned…hey, BTW what’s your character doing now?’ Such calls will make a Writer go mad, irritated and frustration would follow. It’s depressing. Not only that, if you don’t want to talk too much about what you’re writing the script about until it’s all done then it’s kind of boring to write about it too.

My point is, if you’re writing a screenplay, then you shouldn’t be blogging simultaneously – at least I won’t. Every time I sit to write a ‘blog’, the unfinished or half cooked scenes would whip me and tell to get on with actual work, finish the script, instead of the documenting the stupid things.

So relax friends…I am writing Screenplay…I will write blog when I can 🙂