‘Talent is in the Choices we make..!’

My small life has seen some Ups and Downs. I have lost my loved ones. But these people have also given me the best things in Life. They have shown me the Real World. I want to share it with you. Because Life has shown me some unpredictable moments too.

It forces you to take Risks. The biggest Risk in life is not to take one. So take Risks and march ahead towards your Goals. Life is a Game. If you stop playing, you are out of the Game.

You also need confidence, courage, pride to be successful. Sometimes you have to leave someone special to you. Sometimes you have to hate the one you loved the most. Sometimes you have to be strong emotionally to forgive and forget. Because you have to move on…Life won’t stop for you. THE SHOW MUST GO ON…!

“I like the Dreams of the Future than the History of the Past..!”

So…Keep Smiling…Keep Writing 🙂


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